2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Date Posted : March 3, 2023

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been the best selling PHEV SUV in the world since its introduction. Does this new second generation PHEV have what it takes to retain the title?

This one's going to be hard to beat!

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Script


As mentioned in our preview video, the new Outlander is built off a brand new platform. Its bigger in pretty well all ways and style wise, it shares most of the same features as the new gas Outlander like the dynamic shield grill, Standard LED lights with projector style LED’s on the top trim. The PHEV gets a few extra badges and a charge port on the passenger side.


There are 5 trims available in Canada which we’ll get to in a little but the  base ES trim gets standard 18” wheels while the higher trims come with 20”. On the top GT and GT premium the PHEV is available for the first time in this two tone white diamond and black roof combination. I have to admit it looks really sharp especially with these Outlander letters on the good which is an added accessory. I’d recommend it, it just makes it have an even more premium look.


Open up the power lift gate and you’ll be greeted with 872l (30,8 cu.ft) behind the second row which is large enough to fit 4 golf bags. The new PHEV now has the bonus of being a seven passenger vehicle with a very slick folding third row. Unlike the gas Outlander where you have to remove the headrest, the PHEV gets an entirely different stowing system. Its as easy as 1,2 3,4. Folding the second row is a cinch with one pull on each side and then you get up to 1875L (66.2 cu.ft) Just like the previous generation, this one also has a 1500W plus in the back which is handy for making smoothies or even blow drying your hair on the road. BTW, the Dyson is 1600W.


In car - Lets get to the drive, that’s what you really want to hear I bet There are  HUGE changes in the powertrain department. First off under the hood we have a 2.4L gas engine  that gives you 131hp and 144 lb/ft then we have a front electric motor that gets a 34hp bump up to 114 hp and a rear that gets a 44hp increase to 134hp  up from 90 hp.  

But wait there’s more, we have more giddy ups we need a larger battery which is 45% larger so we go from 13.8 to 20 kWh. 


Another big change is the new PHEV is now equipped with a heat pump and because of that, under average temperature, it will not have to rely so much on the engine temp to provide climate control. I did say average so when it gets really cold out like close to zero, you’ll find that the gas engine may kick on more often especially at start up. I experienced all different weather conditions while testing this PHEV from below zero temps to double digits and just like any EV, the colder it gets, the range will get lower which is why this is a very good test because if it was summer or if you live in a warmer climate, your mileage is going to be better for sure. 


Speaking of range, the official EV range is 61 kms however when you look at the computer, the number it provides is an average based on your driving. Eg. If you’re crawling at 30 mph in traffic for a long time, its going to get better efficiency and your number will be higher, maybe even more than 61 however if traffic picks up and your doing 100kms then it’ll go down.


Ive been driving mostly in colder weather so starting with a full charge I’ve gotten over 60kms of range however did burn a little fuel just at the beginning for about 4-5 min I guess to warm the engine not only for heat but for efficiency and emissions.


My fuel economy varied but with a flat battery, I averaged 6.2l 100/kms 38 US MPG. On one leg of a drive I averaged only 3.5 l/100kms, the reason, we climbed the ski mountain and on the way down I was able to Regen quite a bit of range back into the battery. Its quite fun because you have the paddles behind the wheel, pull the left one for 5 settings of Regen, pull the right to decrease so I just increased it when my speed increased and if I was slowing too much I just decreased to keep my momentum. 


While we're on the Regen topic, here a new little button here beside the EV mode selector and that’s the Innovate pedal, press this you get one pedal driving however it will not come to a complete stop. Its handy around town or if you have a nice road with some curves and you want to maintain nice smooth rhythm, this is how you’ll do it without touching the brake and putting electricity back in. 


So Brian how does it drive? Well after driving the gas Outlander for the past year, the PHEV does not disappoint. I predicted that it would pick up some of the off the line slack its gas only sibling as and it sure does. Whether you have charge in the battery or not, off the line torque is so much better due to the electric motors. The ride feels more planted most likely  due to the extra weight from the low slung batteries.


I have to ask, anyone who has a PHEV, are you constantly trying to get the best efficiency? I’m telling you, I love watching my trip computer and especially the energy flow screening trying to be always get the best mileage. Theres so much going on but its like an orchestra of input, output, driving the wheels, Regen and its all very seamless.


Sometimes it operates as a series hybrid so the gas engine actually just works as a generator to supply power to the battery which in turn powers the motors, sometimes as a parallel hybrid which the gas engine will supply power direct to the front wheels and use electric assist with the motors and of course often it just runs completely off the battery and this will even happen when your battery is even showing empty. I guess there’s always a reserve. You’ll see this often when you're under light load even at speed on the freeway.


Under start up the Outlander will default to EV mode if you have a charge or just normal mode. There are 2 other modes, theres save which hold the charge for alter, maybe you want to leave it for traffic or the city and there’s charge which will use the engine to change the battery while driving. There is a slight mileage penalty doing this, I averages around 2L/ 100 kms more while using charge mode but did gain more range. Overall its pretty even and maybe a little bit of a mileage benefit but it all depends on the price of fuel where you live.  The PHEV also gets a new composite larger gas tank. Advantage of this is that they could shape it however they wanted to coincide with the batteries. Total range on a tank is increase now to 687kms of course that’s if you had a full charge and just drive until you were empty. If you were driving lets say 60kms a day and were charging everyday then that tank is going to last you a lot longer than 687kms, it could be in the thousands. 


Talk about size of tank vs range. Larger tanks of course get more range.


How long will it take to charge the Outlander? From a standard house outlet it’ll take 16 hours, a level 2 will take 6.5 hours, I do wish the charging was a little faster however but the Outlander does offer Level 3 charging which pretty well know one else in this class offers. To 80% it’ll take only 38 min. If you can charge at work which I know many people have that option, this would really be perfect especially if the average commute is around 30 kms, even plugging into a 110V outlet, you’d be full by the end of the workday and half full when you returned home.


There are now 7 different drive modes for different conditions including a new POWER mode. Select this and it really wakes the Outlander up, perfect for higher speed passing or just when you need more power. This new version will make a run to 100 km/h from a stop 2 seconds quicker than the first gen.


The AWD system has been evolved and with instant torque not specific to engine speed,  electric motors deliver power where it's needed. The S-AWC now applies its Active Yaw control to not just the front wheels but the rear as well so it can control the left and right wheels by braking each one individually so with eh forward / backward / left to right , you get the not only the optimum traction but the best in handling and cornering.


Let’s talk trims. The base ES goes for $46,538 is well equipped , you get seats for seven, 8” screen with ACP/AA, AWD, blind spot warning , adaptive cruise.


Head to the LE for $4700 more and you get this page pano roof, 3 zone climate control, a 9” display with Navi, wireless ACP/AA, the 360 camera which most of the time you have to get the top trim, thank you Mitsubishi, and you even get a hands free power liftgate. Trust me, its worth the extra money.


Next is the SEL for $54,048 which adds 20” wheels, power leather seats, heated rear seats and other goodies.


The GT does for $56,348 and adds the 10.8” HUD, the Mi Pilot assist which we didn’t even talk about, Bose premium stereo, auto levelling headlights and the option for the two tone paint.


The last is the GT Premium for $57,048 which gets you two tone semi aniline leather and you get for the time, massaging front seats! Note though, Ventilated seats are not available in any trim


Remember some of you might pay even less than these prices depending on where you live. For instant right here in BC, this new PHEV qualifies for 5k Federal EV incentive and up to 2K provincial. Some other places even get more so make sure to check with your dealers if theres any EV rebates applicable to where you are.


Oh and for your viewing pleasure,  I even made it to the third row to show you the room. It maybe small with limited headroom for my 5”11” frame however, it is a third row and can be handy for those times where you just need that extra seat or two to save one taking 2 cars for instance which leads me to my conclusion, 


This new 2nd Generation Outlander PHEV is really in a class of its own. What other compact SUV offers 3 rows of seating, tons of premium features, like really, wireless charging, HUD, quilted leather seats with massage, Bose stereo,  standard AWD, and its a plug in hybrid! 


My prediction, the best selling SUV PHEV has once again solidified its position at the top. If you were holding out for this second gen, your waiting has paid off because as good and popular as the first generation is, this new PHEV is just so much better on so many levels.


That’s it, we just touched the surface but hopefully we can spend more time in the new PHEV in the future and when we do we will be sure to share more videos and stories. Make sure to like and subscribe as usual, we appreciate every single one of your views. Til next time, save driving.

This new 2nd Generation Outlander PHEV is really in a class of its own. What other compact SUV offers 3 rows of seating, tons of premium features, like really, wireless charging, HUD, quilted leather seats with massage, Bose stereo, standard AWD, and its a plug in hybrid!