Evolv Corsa 60V Dual Motor Scooter is a Beast

Date Posted : April 1, 2022

With the gas prices as high as they are now, everyones looking for alternatives and many are turning to E-Scooters. They've come a long way now. They're quick, light, and burn no fuel.

The Ultimate in Zero Emission Personal Mobility

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The latest flagship scooter from Evolv really pushes the boundaries. First things first, the Corsa from Evolv is no lightweight toy you'd easily tuck under your arm or throw in your trunk. This beast tips the scales at 99lbs, has 11" air filled knobby tires, full suspension, dual headlamps, Led tail/brake lights/turn signals and a removable 60V battery whcih is very unique in this space.

The Corsa is powered by two 600W hub motors, has a range of 60kms and top speed of almost 50 mph/80 km/h. Of course top speed and range is going to be dependant on size of rider, terrain, how many motors being used and of course overall conditions.

Our tester was a pre-production unit therefore only had the rear motor activated so a complete performance review will have to come later which I'm totally fine with. Bring it on because I couldn't believe how stable this scooter is at speed and it just had me wanting more. I think I've been ruined now. The Corsa is like the Monster Truck of the scooter world. Bumps, curbs, dirt? No problem.


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I think I've been ruined now.